Short Ribs Boneless - Teva Brand * $22.00/lb

Short Ribs Boneless - Teva Brand $22.00/lb

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Boneless Short Ribs are a very popular cut of meat are known for their rich, meaty and beefy flavor. Boneless Short Ribs works best braised, slow-cooked or prepared using a sous-vide to achieve a "fall-off-the-bone tenderness". Aside from these usual cooking techniques I have heard of chefs just grilling Boneless Short Ribs to begin with because of their wonderful marbling.
Either way you decide to tickle your ribs, be prepared for a succulent dish.

Approx. 3 in a pack.

Cooking Methods: Slow Braise. Sous-vide. Roast in the oven. Slow Cooker. Insta-Pot worthy. Low and Slow BBQ.

All Natural Teva Angus Beef
Hormone and Anti-Biotic Free
OU Certified Glatt Kosher