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Top Sirloin Center Cut $17.90 / lb

Top Sirloin Center Cut $17.90 / lb

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The Top Sirloin is commonly seen in restaurant commercials as the Sirloin Steak.
It's very flavorful, juicy and tender.  it's also is a great alternative to a holiday brisket.

Cooking Methods: You have many options for preparing a Top sirloin. It can be cut into steaks and grilled, cubed for amazing shish kabobs or left in its entirety and cooked as a whole roast and then sliced.

USA Angus
USDA Certified - Choice and above
Pasture-Raised, Vegetarian Feed Only
100% Hormone and Anti-Biotic Free
Certified Glatt Kosher/Bet Yosef
כשר חלק בית יוסף