It's On!! We have a Challenge.

Rib-eye steak has been the go-to Kosher steak if you ever wanted to treat yourself to a nice steak on the grill or a fancy meal at a Kosher restaurant. But then again, calling a cab was great before Uber and going shopping for socks was so much fun before Amazon.
So here we are in 2017, you can buy Kosher meat online delivered straight to your door, and not only that, you have Kosher NY Strip steaks at your disposal.

We often get customers wondering what's the difference between Rib-eye steak and our NY Strip.
One of our customers had the very same question, and decided to put it to the test himself.

Below is an actual email to Bakar Meats from customer Dan S.

Rabbi Benzaquen,

First of all, thank you for delivering the beautiful NY Strip to my house on Friday morning.  Clearly the best rabbinic house call ever.  As always, the Bakar strip steak was fantastic.

As for taste testing the strip and the ribeye, I've attached before and after pictures of both.  As you can see, to have a fair competition, I didn't just buy a ribeye off the shelf - the Bakar strip would have blown it away.  To compete with your 2.5 pound strip, I went to our best local kosher butcher and had him hand cut a 2" bone-in ribeye from a fresh prime cut.

To cut to the chase, while both were excellent, the Bakar strip beat out the ribeye.
I seasoned both steaks with salt and pepper on Friday morning and pan seared them both in grape seed oil just before Shabbat, finishing them in the oven, about 25 minutes to rare.  After resting, I put a section of each in the oven to get them to medium for my father-in-law.  My father-in-law, my friend J, and I then proceeded to have 5 pounds of delicious steak for Shabbat dinner.

The consensus was that, while the special order ribeye was excellent, the Bakar strip was both more elegant in flavor and more consistent in texture.  It was a more refined piece of meat.  Every bite was superb.

Thank you for continuing to provide exceptional kosher meat for our enjoyment.

Best Regards,