To what degree of “doneness” do I prepare my meats?
Rare= 120-130 ºF.
Medium Rare= 130-135 ºF
Medium= 135-145 ºF
Medium Well= 145-155 ºF
Well Done= Why would you even cook something well done?

Where do your meats come from?
The Bakar Meats Angus steers are raised in family farms in Iowa where the meat is processed, and then sold and shipped right to you from sunny California.

Is filet mignon kosher for Ashkenazim?
Absolutely Yes. Please go to our Kosher page and read all about it.

Why are these cuts more expensive than my local kosher supermarket?
Besides our meats being only pasture raised and hormone free, these cuts of meat are all hindquarter meat which is not even sold at your local kosher markets. Hindquarter cuts are more expensive than forequarter cuts even in the non kosher market. Also, our cuts of meat are USDA Choice graded and above which is a superior quality than you often find at the butcher.

How much should I order per person?
If it's your main dish, then figure 12oz - 16oz per person.
If you have other courses and it's not the main event, then consider approximately 8oz per person.

Can I freeze my order when I receive my shipment?
Yes. You may freeze it again. Even if it arrives slightly thawed.

Do you ever have free delivery in Los Angeles?
Sure. Orders of $200 and over always qualify for free delivery. We also email free delivery coupon codes to our subscribers occasionally when we have a promotion so please make sure you’ve subscribed to our mailing list.

Do you have a brick and mortar store for me to visit and hang out?
We'd love to hang out, but no, our store is an online store only.