It's On!! We have a Challenge.

Who's the Winner between a Bakar NY Strip and a Prime Rib-Eye Steak? Guest post by one of our customers, Dan S.

Bakar NY Srip vs Rib-eye steak

A Better Way to Slice

What does to "Cut Against the Grain" mean?

Bakar Bae

We couldn't resist on making this for Purim.

A Grate Crust

How to get an insanely delicious crust on a tri-tip or any other grilled meats for that matter by using grill grates.

Farm to Table

Make these simply delicious roasted vegetables freshly picked from the farm.

Bakar Meats Caps

We're really excited to bring you our Bakar Meats cap. Great for grilling or strolling with the family.

Handmade Coasters

Watch how Rabbi Benzaquen makes our popular handmade wooden coasters.

How to Seed a Pomegranate

How to seed a pomegranate without making a mess.