Picanha * $32.55/lb

Picanha $32.55/lb

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The popular Picanha cut of meat (pronounced Peecanya), is a staple at any Brazilian steakhouse.

Picanha is the exact same cut as our Coulotte, but the difference with the Picanha is that it has a thin fat-cap on top. 
This layer of fat adds an entirely new level of flavor to an already delicious steak.

We’ve received many requests to have this cut available to our customers and we’re really happy to have the opportunity to provide it to you.

Cooking Methods: Picanha is very versatile and is traditionally sliced into thirds, placed on large skewers and prepared on the grill. You can also just grill the pieces or grill whole or even roasted in the oven or cooked in a skillet.

They come 2 per package.

USA Angus
USDA Certified - Choice and above
Pasture-Raised, Vegetarian Feed Only
100% Hormone and Anti-Biotic Free
Certified Glatt Kosher/Bet Yosef
כשר חלק בית יוסף

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