Sirloin Flap * $32.60/lb

Sirloin Flap $32.60/lb

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The Sirloin Flap Steak is very similar in texture to a Skirt Steak, but the Sirloin Flap is much thicker and juicier.

The Sirloin Flap is excellent when grilled whole and then sliced into thin strips (cut against the grain) making it one of Esther’s favorite cuts of meat.

It has a very well-balanced taste, tender and delicious.

Cooking Methods: Grilled or seared on high heat.
Slow-cooked braise: Comes apart into delicious tender shreds.

We don’t recommend adding any more salt to this cut since it’s coarse texture already absorbs some salt during the Koshering process. This quality however allows it to take on marinades and seasonings extremely well.

USA Angus
USDA Certified - Choice and above
Pasture-Raised, Vegetarian Feed Only
100% Hormone and Anti-Biotic Free
Certified Glatt Kosher/Bet Yosef
כשר חלק בית יוסף

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