Chuck Roast - Teva Brand * $13.05/lb

Chuck Roast - Teva Brand $13.05/lb

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The Chuck Roast is a very delicious, flavorful and juicy cut of meat and it's incredibly easy to prepare. It can be oven roasted for a perfect meal or braised in a dutch oven until tender. This Boneless tender cut is sometimes called "mock ribeye" because it is a continuation of the Beef Ribeye. Extremely tender and juicy with exceptional beef flavor.

The Chuck Roast is a great alternative to a prime rib.

Cooking Methods: Roast in the oven or slow cooker. Slice into steaks and Grill or BBQ.

Click here for a Chuck Roast recipe

All Natural Teva Angus Beef
Hormone and Anti-Biotic Free
OU Certified Glatt Kosher