Petite Tender - Teva Brand * $19.50/lb

Petite Tender - Teva Brand $19.50/lb

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The Petitie Tender (also known as Petite Filet, Oyster Steak and Butcher's Steak) is a cut of meat that looks just like a Filet Mignon but is much smaller. Though it's not as tender as an actual Tenderloin/Filet Mignon, the Petite Tender is still very juicy, and when cooked whole, imparts a "soft" steak experience. (This cut is NOT to be confused with a Chuck tender which is ~5 times larger and not as tender.)

Comes 3 in a pack.

Cooking Methods: Grill quickly. BBQ. Roast in the oven. Pan Sear. Broil.

All Natural Teva Angus Beef
Hormone and Anti-Biotic Free
OU Certified Glatt Kosher

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