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Prince $38 + Ships Free

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The Prince Meat Board makes for a wonderful practical small-sized cutting board. It's also the perfect surface to showcase your charcuterie or a big cut of juicy Bakar Meats.

This meat board is called Prince because of it's unique beautiful purpleheart wood accent. A shoutout to 80's US royalty reign. ("The Meat Board formally known as...")

Handmade entirely by Rabbi Jonathan Benzaquen, this meat board is made of maple wood, with purpleheart and walnut accents. They are finished with a food-safe linseed oil and natural pine resin finish. Each piece is original and unique and only 6 have been made thus far. (Only 2 left in stock)

A functional piece of woodwork art which also makes a beautiful gift.

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Care: When cleaning the board, keep it minimal and fast. It’s ok to scrub it down in the sink but be sure to rinse it quickly and then dry the board with a towel. Extended water exposure is the enemy of a cutting board, so never place the board in the dishwasher…..ever.

Measures: (See Pics) 11 5/8 x 6 1/4 x 5/8