Top Sirloin Steak * $19.50 lb

Top Sirloin Steak $19.50 lb

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The Top Sirloin Steak is commonly seen in restaurant commercials as "The Juicy Sirloin Steak". 

It's very flavorful, juicy and tender and super versatile. The Top Sirloin Steak makes delicious steaks, or when cut up in pieces, great Kabobs. It's located next to the Culotte / Picanha and so it makes for a wonderful Culotte substitute.


Top Sirloin Steak is also is a wonderful alternative to a roast or holiday brisket.

Also known as Sirloin Heart.

Cooking Methods: You have many options for preparing a Sirloin Heart. It can be cut into steaks and grilled, cubed for amazing shish kabobs or left in its entirety and cooked as a whole roast and then sliced.

USA Angus
USDA Certified - Choice and above
Pasture-Raised, Vegetarian Feed Only
100% Hormone and Anti-Biotic Free
Certified Glatt Kosher/Bet Yosef
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